Milagros The Best Mexican Food Near Me

When you are searching for the “best Mexican Food near me”, join us at Milagros Mexican Restaurant in Orem, Utah, for authentic Mexican food, celebrating the culinary riches of the Bajio region of Mexico. The Michoacan area is know as the “low lands”, rich in fertile soil and temperate climate and is located on the west coast, in the center of Mexico. It is know as “the soul of Mexico.” It is where most of our recipes at Milagros come from.

Our chef, Dave Tuomisto, spent may months traveling the area and gathering unique recipes from women who were willing to share their secrets. Milagros reflect the essence of the region offering an abundance of fresh veggies and fruit.  Our customers can enjoy fresher and healthier cuisine than most Mexican Food restaurants offer in the area.

Slow Roasted Meats: Our slow-roasted meats are infused with spices, influenced by the Spaniards. Fruit is abundant in the region and we marinate our meat in juices which gives the meat a very distinctive flavor.

Chile Relleno: Your chili relleno is unlike any you have ever experienced. Originating in Puebla, our chile relleno is a large, fresh poblano pepper stuffed with Fundido cheese, lightly battered and deep fried.

Seafood: Because the ocean borders the Bajo region we serve a seafood fare. Ready for “Seafood Heaven?” You will love our seafood enchiladas: Grilled fish and sautéed shrimp with a spiced honey sauce and cheese stuffed in 2 corn tortillas, covered in green enchilada sauce.

The Grilled Onion: Yep, we are famous for the beautiful whole onion that is served with meat dishes like our Mata Hambre the “appetite killer”, one of our most popular menu items: Oven roasted pork, marinated grilled steak and tender chicken breast, served with grilled vegetables, a sweetly grilled onion ball, sour cream, salsa fresca and lettuce.

Baby Back Ribs: Ribs done right, marinated in freshly squeezed fruit juices for 2 days, then slow oven roasted for 8 hours. We put it on the grill when you order. Choose from house honey BBQ or spicy BBQ sauce.

Tortillas: Authentic hand made tortillas are the perfect addition to every plate. Serving fresh home made food is a tradition we enjoy.

Horchata: Be sure to add our famous home-made horchata to your order. You will be delighted, and it is possible that it soon will become your favorite menu item.

Transport your taste buds south of the border and visit Milagros immediately. There’s a lot to love about the cuisine at Milagros. Celebrate with us the flavors taken from the delightful Bajio/Michoacan region of Mexico.

P.S. Milagros is well known for the variety of side dishes you can choose from. Ten different side items are offered to compliment your main dish. 


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