Cooking With Chiles Makes For Good Mexican Food

Cooking with chilies and knowing how to use them… make for good Mexican Food.  First, there are more than just a couple of types of chiles… in fact there are hundreds of them.  But… for some reason, folks get stuck on thinking that Mexican food is made with either Anaheim chiles or Jalapenos.  Good Mexican food restaurants use a variety of chiles… that is if they are worth their salt.

It certainly depends what you want the outcome of your dish to be.  Hot is great but each chile has a particular flavor to be considered, as well as adding heat to a dish.

While traveling in Mexico looking for the finest recipes for Milagros, I found the markets were full of “Chile and Veggie Stands.”  The colors of the peppers and vegetables were astounding.  It made me want to buy everything in sight and head for the nearest kitchen.

The women selling their veggies and chiles were gracious and so friendly.  Hope you like the photo of the “Market Hotties.”  There were the best!

Here are a few chile tips to remember when you are cooking with them.

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Fresh Chile Relleno Is Official on Milagros Mexican Food Menu

It’s here! Our new Fresh Chile Relleno is officially on the Milagros Mexican restaurant menu.

Chile Relleno, literally means “stuffed chile.”  A mild chili pepper is used called a Poblano pepper.  It is a mild pepper with more flavor than a mild Anaheim.  It is roasted and stuffed with meat or cheese and coated with an egg batter.

I have had several request to put a Relleno on the menu.  However, my experience with Rellenos has been generally been disappointing.  So many recipes use canned chiles that are coated with an egg/flour batter that has a mushy texture and not much flavor.

Some times Rellenos are cooked ahead and often re-heated… even in the microwave.

Over several months our kitchen went to work… testing and testing Rellenos to find the perfect blend of chili, cheese and batter. Read More→

Mexican Food Markets In Michoacan Mexico

While looking for good Mexican food recipes, I found hidden jewels in the towns and villages of Michoacan, Mexico.  Not only did they have fine food, the market places were just loaded with wonderful things to buy.

Michoacan, Mexico is a state located in Western Mexico along a beautiful stretch of coastline on the Pacific Ocean.

It’s economy is based on fishing, forest products and crafts and markets. Towns and villages are marked with exciting markets that offer flowers, drinks and foodstuffs.

Unfortunately, many of these small towns and villages are not on the main tourism map so international tourists miss the very core of this romantic and exciting place.  Most visitors to the sites in Michoacan are from within the state.

The area I was in was the “Bajio” which means “Lowlands.”  It is the fertile valleys that produce all the delish ingredients that make up great Mexican food.

It’s summer time, and the memory of the excitement of the market places come to mind.

I would love to be roaming the streets, eating fresh fruit from family own stands.

And of course, I would be sampling fine Mexican food at family carts… needling recipes out of the owners, with my pencil and paper hidden in my pocket.


If you are ever wanting to get away to an amazing place, Michoacan will delight not only your eyes… but your taste buds.  They have some of the best Mexican food I have ever tasted…. and the people are wonderful.

Miracles At Milagros

You can just imagine how surprised we were when customers, Katie and Dr. Kimball Crofts of Lindon, arrived at Milagros for Mexican food just after leaving the hospital with their new baby girl.  This is their first child and they are pretty excited about her. (Who wouldn’t be… she’s a doll.)

Seems like Katie’s pregnancy cravings continue even after delivery.  Apparently, Milagros is what the new mother wanted first thing out of the hospital.

Both Mom and Dad love our “Chicken Green Chili Stuffed Quesadillas,” (which seems to be a favorite with many of our loyal customers.)

At any rate… we were delighted to see them and their new little one.  What a treat it was for all of us here at Milagros.  You forget just how tiny new-borns are.  Sarah and I certainly do appreciate the “Miracle of Birth” and having a family.

If you remember…Milagros means “Miracles” and we certain have experienced them here.  Our twins are no less than a “Miracle.”

Congrats to Katie and Kimball… thanks for sharing your joy with us.  May her life continue to be a Miracle to your both and may she bring many miracles to those around her.


P.S.  By the way… Dr. Crofts is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon…. and his practice “Aesthetica,” is located in Lindon, Utah…. just in case you might be thinking about a nip and tuck or a bit of a lift here and there.  We understand that he is one of the best in Utah. (You ought to see his credentials.)

Hmmmm… just thinkin’.

Milagros Jackson Danger invited to Utah Valley Convention Center

Wow! Milagros’ Jackson Danger has been invited to perform at the Grand Opening of the new Utah Valley Convention Center in historic downtown Provo, Utah.  We are very exited that Jackson has this opportunity to share his talent on May 12, 2012.  The new building is at 220 West Center Street (Freedom Blvd. and Center.)

He will be preforming at 2:30 p.m. and we here at Milagros will be cheering him on.

Take a look at Jackson Danger’s new poster.  It was done especially for the performance by our graphic designer, Andy Barlow.  I’m sure you’ll agree, he does an amazing job.

Jackson has been sharing his music with the Milagros customers nearly every Friday and Saturday night since it opened in 2010.  He loves singing the old songs from the 60s and 70s.  He has recently put us a new You Tube video called “Rebecca” which we think is one of his finest musical numbers.  (You can view it at the bottom of the page.) Read More→

Milagros And The Chocolate Are Voted The Best In Utah County

Mlagros Mexican Food Orem - Best Of Utah County AwardOnce again Milagros is voted One of the best Restaurants In Utah County. Winning 13 categories in The Daily Herald Extra’s “Best Of Utah County 2012”

This honor is shared with our friends at The Chocolate. We would like to congratulate them and invite you to visit each one of us and see what every one is talking about.

Congratulation! The Chocolate – A Desert Cafe

Our favorite desert place walked a way with 3 well deserved awards…1st for Best Desert, 2nd for Best Date Place and 2nd for Best Cupcake. Their decadent chocolate cake, “The Cherub” is my favorite.

The Chocolate
212 S. State Street
801 224 7334 and

Enjoy the best!


Proud To Support The American Red Cross And Its Lifesaving Mission

American Red Cross Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Salt Lake City, April 26, 2012 — On May 1, 2012 at 11:30 AM, the American Red Cross Blood Services Region will conduct its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

“Volunteers are crucial to our operations,” said Vickie Morgan, Volunteer Coordinator for Utah, “this appreciation luncheon gives us a chance to thank them.”

Unique to the program this year is the venue, the caterer and the keynote speakers.

The National Parks Council of the Boy Scouts of America has donated a large meeting room in its office building for the luncheon.  The food will be provided by Milagros, the Mexican food restaurant in Orem. Dave Tuomisto, owner of Milagros, said he is “proud to support the American Red Cross and its lifesaving mission.”

Speakers at the luncheon include Tyler and Elizabeth Fish Read More→

Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant | Family Business

Milagros Mexican food restaurant is a family business.  Sarah and I work in the kitchen and dining room, and the kids are involved in some way.

We started the business in the fall of 2010.  There were a lot of folks who advised us not to open because the economy was in such poor shape.  We had already been through many business disappointments, so it was not an easy decision to make.

However, we decide to pick ourselves up… move forward with determination and hard work.  Our budget was on a shoe string and our kids were young and we didn’t want to leave them at home under the care of someone else.  We came up with a plan.

When I was on shift, Sarah was home with the kids, and when she was at Milagros, I handled the kids at home.  Sometimes it was necessary for us to be at the restaurant at the same time…. so we packed up the kids and took them along. Read More→

Family Spring Break in Moab

Sarah, the kids and I, took a little break from Milagros in Orem to enjoy Spring break together in southeastern Utah.  We loaded up the bikes and headed for Moab, where there are great bike trails.

On the corner of Center Street and Main, in the heart of of downtown Moab, there is a landmark eating establishment called “The Slickrock Cafe.”  It’s certainly not Milagros Mexican Food, but they serve a pretty good fare.  (I’m a bit partial ya know.)

At the Slickrock, the entertainment is nearly as important as their food.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, they delight their customers with live music.

Jackson Danger was invited to entertain the Slickrock customers with two musical sets by some of Jackson’s favorite artists.  Boy, did he “Wow” the crowd.  The sidewalk was packed and the cooks came out of the kitchen to see who was playing.

It was a great experience for Jackson to sing some where other than Milagros, which he does most Friday and Saturday nights.

Marley Crash and Lexi were not to be out done.  Here they are on their Vintage Schwinn Sting Ray Choppers getting ready to roll it on the famous Horse Thief Trail.  Not exactly the type of bikes you usually see on the steep mountain trails at Moab.

The Horse Thief Trail, leading down to the Colorado River, has a vertical drop of almost 4,000 feet.  Not exactly a trail for the faint hearted.  Crash and Lexi are tough little critters and willing to take on any challenge.  They were awesome!  I know brave when I see it!

They had a great time and it was quite different from skiing the slopes at Sundance, which they have been doing all winter.

I  had a great time too… except for the hours I spent sacked out at the Motel because I got “The Bug” for a few days.  Sarah and the kids got the best end of the stick this trip.


P.S.  We’re all back home again and we’ll see you at Milagros.  Come in and see us and hear Jackson Danger’s new songs. 

Dirt Floor Taco Shops | One Tortillia At A Time

After I settled on starting a Mexican Food restaurant, I spent a lot of time exploring recipes for the best Mexican food around.  Sooo… I figured I should go where the cuisine was legitimate and see how real Mexican food was prepared and what it taste like.

I explored hundred of “roadside taco carts” or Taquerias throughout Mexico.  The Chiva (goat) district of Petatlan, Mexico, where each shack serves a different cut of goat, offered a unique and exciting experience.  From goat tongue to brains… very little went to waste.

One of my favorite activities in Mexico was to trick “rookie travelers.”  They usually loved the feast I ordered for them from the colorful Taquerias.  (Each Taqueria sat no more than 6 customers at a time.)

I waited till they finished (and they had raved about their meal) before disclosing what they actually had eaten.

Warning:   Women are less tolerant to eating “Goat Tongue Tacos” without previous knowledge.  I learned that it was wisest to stick to male buddies.  They tend to be easier going about what they ate. Read More→