Make Milagros Mexican Restaurant Part of Your New Years Resolutions

Hunger games: Consider these dining resolutions for 2012

Article by Elyssa Andrus – Provo Daily Herald
Mexican Food Orem and Provo UtahCool change:I’m not much of a gambler when it comes to food. The obsessive part of me wants to order the same dish every time, whether it’s the Chipotle Pineapple BBQ at Blue Lemon in Highland or the Vegas Roll at The Happy Sumo in Provo. But some of my favorite restaurant meals have come from taking a risk. So ask your friends, your spouse or the server for a recommendation, and keep an open mind. And in addition to new dishes, resolve to try new restaurants as well. There’s always something debuting in Utah County. Some new and new-ish favorites of the Herald staff include Dave & Cranky Chuckie’s (Provo), Station 22 (Provo), Savory & Sweet (Orem) and Milagros (Orem).

Make us part of your New Years Resolution


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