Fresh Chile Relleno Is Official on Milagros Mexican Food Menu

It’s here! Our new Fresh Chile Relleno is officially on the Milagros Mexican restaurant menu.

Chile Relleno, literally means “stuffed chile.”  A mild chili pepper is used called a Poblano pepper.  It is a mild pepper with more flavor than a mild Anaheim.  It is roasted and stuffed with meat or cheese and coated with an egg batter.

I have had several request to put a Relleno on the menu.  However, my experience with Rellenos has been generally been disappointing.  So many recipes use canned chiles that are coated with an egg/flour batter that has a mushy texture and not much flavor.

Some times Rellenos are cooked ahead and often re-heated… even in the microwave.

Over several months our kitchen went to work… testing and testing Rellenos to find the perfect blend of chili, cheese and batter.

We introduced our Chile Relleno Quesa Fundido style during Cinco de Mayo as a test special. It was very well received by our customers.  In fact, several of them mentioned that, “It was the best Relleno they had ever tasted.”

We have found the perfect combination by using a fresh Problano pepper (not canned) stuffing it with Fundido (rich cheese blend), and coating it with a light tempura batter.



P.S.  Come visit Milagros Mexican Restaurant soon and try out our new menu item.  We are confident you will love our new Chili Relleno, with it’s crispy shell around a FRESH chili (that has some “snap” to it) filled with a combination of rich cheese.