Jackson Danger Featured In Provo Daily Herald

Milagros, very own Friday Night entertainer, Jackson Danger was featured in the the Provo Daily Herald.

Article by Andrea Nelson – Correspondent

Jackson Danger: 12-year-old Lindon boy who loves to perform

He plays almost every Friday night at his father’s restaurant, Milagros, at 970 W. 800 North in Orem.

“I know how good it makes me feel and I want to make other people feel that too,” he said.

Sam Bell said his family goes to Milagros every week for the ribs and the music. Customers Susan and Matt Brimley of Provo also said they were impressed by Jackson.

“You don’t see many kids walking around at a restaurant singing,” Susan Brimley said. “It will be interesting to see how far he goes with his career.”

Jackson’s father, Dave Tuomisto, said he named his two sons “Danger” and “Crash” intentionally.

“People with interesting names seem to have interesting lives,” he said.

Jackson’s passion for the guitar started when he was 6 years old, after his dad took him to a Bob Dylan concert. Impressed by the performance, he told his dad he wanted to be like Dylan.

If he wanted to play like Dylan, he would have to put down the video games and practice, practice, practice, said his father. Although he works hard himself as a restaurant owner, Dave Tuomisto said he has always made time to listen to and support his son.

Jackson teaches himself to play by sound and sight. He said he finds songs he likes and learns them by watching or listening and copying to the artist.

He said he loves all different kinds of music and plays anything from John Prine to Train. His advice to his peers with similar dreams is to keep working at your dream and never give up.

“There are three things you need to do to be good: practice, practice, and of course, practice,” Jackson said.

Jackson Danger | Althea by the Grateful Dead

Grab your date and join us at Milagros. See for your self what a dynamic duo Jackson Danger and I make.


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