Milagros Mexican Food Honored by Utah Valley Magazine

Early in 2012, Milagros Mexican Food was honored by Utah Valley Diners as being the “Best” in Utah Valley for seven categories.  Perhaps it’s because Dave Tuomisto, operator, takes a personal interest in giving his friends and customers the very best in Mexican cuisine.  “I’m always in the kitchen, telling my guys to add more to this or less of that,” Dave says.

“Because of all the TV shows about cooking and food, everyone is a food critic these days, ” Dave says.  “They can tell the difference between something processed and something cooked fresh.”  It seems more knowledgeable customers are typically harder to please…which means restaurants have to bring more to the table than every before.

It certainly seems Milagros Mexican restaurant succeeded.  Just look at the honors they received from voters in the Utah Valley Magazine “Best Of” contest.



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