Lunch With Milagros, Steven R. Covey and Governor Herbert

We are serving up lunch at the UCCU Center at UVU from 11 am to 5 pm. For the $5.00 admission at the door you can have lunch with Milagros and the keynote speakers, Steven R. Covey and Governor Gary Herbert.

What a deal!

See what is on the menu for Lunch

“Wednesday, February 29th

NOON = Stephen M.R. Covey, international business speaker and bestselling author of “Smart Trust”

Grab a complimentary lunch, and head to the keynote area (east of the main floor) to enjoy our lunchtime keynote featuring Stephen M. R. Covey. Mr. Covey is a sought-after and compelling speaker and advisor on trust, leadership, ethics and high performance. Steve Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes says “Covey brilliantly focuses on that overlooked bedrock of democratic capitalism – trust. (And) when we take this for granted, we do so at our ultimate competitive peril.” The Speed of Trust is red-hot relevant.

Thursday, March 1st

NOON = Utah Governor Gary Herbert
NOON = Utah’s Top Economists and Entrepreneurs

Meet Governor Gary Herbert and learn about the state of Utah business – and plans to move forward from here. Raised in Utah County, the Governor will speak about creating a pro-business environment in our area to help Utah County businesses succeed. The Governor and his policies are a large reason business in Utah continues to be a national leader in job growth and prosperity.

The Governor will speak for approximately 20 minutes and give way to Utah’s Top Economists and Entrepreneurs. Jeanette Bennett of BusinessQ magazine will moderate a panel of experts including economists Jeff Thredgold and Natalie Gochnour. Businessmen David Bradford and Nick Greer are also scheduled to participate as two of Utah’s top producers through the slow economy. They’ll share insights on recession-proofing and succeeding with your business.” Utah Business Expo

See you there!



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