SUMMER TIME- When Mother nature is at her best, which makes our food ROCK!

Every recipe at Milagros involves fresh natural items from Mother Earth.

I love our food this time of year! The Tomatillos are perfect for roasting, the red leaf lettuce is flavorful and bright with color. Even the Sweet Onions taste sweeter and fresher.

If you have not tried our unique style of preparing Mexican food- now is a great time. Unlike typical Mexican restaurants which used mostly canned, processed items. Milagros fills your plate with fresh Asparagus to Zucchini. Did you know our fresh Pablano Chiles have as much vitamin C as 8 oranges!

That means our Chile Relleno plate nurtures your body with as much as 16 oranges worth of vitamin C! Swing on by all the orange construction barrels and taste the difference!


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