Milagros Orange Cone Nightmares | Best Mexican Food UtahAt last…. the construction is over and 800 north is wide open.  Great Mexican food is waiting for you at Milagros in Orem.

It’s been a long year.  Road construction has been going on in one form or another for a long time.  It was frustrating to see… days on end… when there were no construction workers working on the road right next to Milagros.  My complaints fell upon deaf ears.  In the night, we would try moving those blasted orange cones around so folks could get into our place.

Sure enough… a couple of days later… they would be back… blocking easy access to Milagros and other businesses on our corner.  After while it became a game.

Six weeks ago, when they said they were going to close the freeway access to 800 North… I thought I’d have a stroke.

However…. through it all, faithful customers made it through the maze of the backstreets to get to Milagros.  We have weathered the construction storm and we appreciate your businesses through this difficult time.


P.S.  Summer is still with us, and you can come and enjoy fine Mexican food in the comfort of our air conditioned dining room.  Or… if you enjoy the warmer weather, sit on our patio.  It’s especially nice during the evening, when the sun is setting.  The sunsets are just beautiful from the patio and our west windows.

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