Dirt Floor Taco Shops | One Tortillia At A Time

After I settled on starting a Mexican Food restaurant, I spent a lot of time exploring recipes for the best Mexican food around.  Sooo… I figured I should go where the cuisine was legitimate and see how real Mexican food was prepared and what it taste like.

I explored hundred of “roadside taco carts” or Taquerias throughout Mexico.  The Chiva (goat) district of Petatlan, Mexico, where each shack serves a different cut of goat, offered a unique and exciting experience.  From goat tongue to brains… very little went to waste.

One of my favorite activities in Mexico was to trick “rookie travelers.”  They usually loved the feast I ordered for them from the colorful Taquerias.  (Each Taqueria sat no more than 6 customers at a time.)

I waited till they finished (and they had raved about their meal) before disclosing what they actually had eaten.

Warning:   Women are less tolerant to eating “Goat Tongue Tacos” without previous knowledge.  I learned that it was wisest to stick to male buddies.  They tend to be easier going about what they ate.

Actually, I never got sick from eating at “Dirt Floor Taco Shops” which had no running water.  My rules, when eating at Taquerias were: 1.  Stay away from lettuce and strawberries.  2.  Avoid the green Salsa (stick with the hot red stuff.)

Most of these taco carts display large glass jars of Horchata, a very popular milk based drink…. seasoned with cinnamon, sesame seeds, tiger nuts or crushed almonds.

Horchata, displayed in the hot Mexican sun, made from unpasteurized milk, was always a big “No – No” on my list of what to avoid while researching Mexican food.

When I opened Milagros in Orem, I began to explore Horchata recipes with my Amigos.  The traditional Mexican style Horchata, with rice, milk and cinnamon turned out to be the most popular.


Orem, Milagros Mexican food restaurant, serves fresh Horchata everyday… and it’s delicious, fresh and without anything funky…. and Jaun will confirm it.  Just letting you gals know… right up front!

To Be Continued…………




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