Family Spring Break in Moab

Sarah, the kids and I, took a little break from Milagros in Orem to enjoy Spring break together in southeastern Utah.  We loaded up the bikes and headed for Moab, where there are great bike trails.

On the corner of Center Street and Main, in the heart of of downtown Moab, there is a landmark eating establishment called “The Slickrock Cafe.”  It’s certainly not Milagros Mexican Food, but they serve a pretty good fare.  (I’m a bit partial ya know.)

At the Slickrock, the entertainment is nearly as important as their food.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, they delight their customers with live music.

Jackson Danger was invited to entertain the Slickrock customers with two musical sets by some of Jackson’s favorite artists.  Boy, did he “Wow” the crowd.  The sidewalk was packed and the cooks came out of the kitchen to see who was playing.

It was a great experience for Jackson to sing some where other than Milagros, which he does most Friday and Saturday nights.

Marley Crash and Lexi were not to be out done.  Here they are on their Vintage Schwinn Sting Ray Choppers getting ready to roll it on the famous Horse Thief Trail.  Not exactly the type of bikes you usually see on the steep mountain trails at Moab.

The Horse Thief Trail, leading down to the Colorado River, has a vertical drop of almost 4,000 feet.  Not exactly a trail for the faint hearted.  Crash and Lexi are tough little critters and willing to take on any challenge.  They were awesome!  I know brave when I see it!

They had a great time and it was quite different from skiing the slopes at Sundance, which they have been doing all winter.

I  had a great time too… except for the hours I spent sacked out at the Motel because I got “The Bug” for a few days.  Sarah and the kids got the best end of the stick this trip.


P.S.  We’re all back home again and we’ll see you at Milagros.  Come in and see us and hear Jackson Danger’s new songs. 

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