Milagros Adventuresome Spirit

As a youth, I was a pretty adventuresome guy.  For some reason, adventure and a little risk taking still woo me.  I realize, since I have a family… I have to tone it down a bit… in fact a lot!

Butttt… once in a while it just creeps out.

A few days ago, I had to drop of a van in Park City.  I took my super star companion, Lexi with me.  We had no ride home… so I just prepared a little sign and Lexi stood on the curb, in front of the Hotel Park City, and held it out for all drivers to see.

It wasn’t but just a few minutes before a loyal Milagro’s customer saw the word “Milagros” on our sign and Lexi’s hat and gave us a ride back to Lindon.

(Now don’t think for a minute that I’d put my daughter at risk.  If someone we knew had not come along… I was prepared to call for a ride.  We just thought it would be fun to try.)

Next week, I’m headed to Mesa, Arizona to pick up an big old neon sign that says, “MEXICAN FOOD”.  It’s 13 feet long and it will be placed high on the wall in the dining room.

Now…you have to know… Mesa is the “stomping” ground of my youth and it conjures up all the old feelings of excitement and adventure of those days.  That’s where I learned to “hitch.”  (No.. I’m not “hitching” a ride to Mesa… even though it might be fun.)

While there, I’m looking forward to hitting the Mexican Food restaurants of my youth, along with visiting a bit with my dad and my 95 year old grandma.

And…I’m going to have to try doubly hard to keep my adventuresome spirit in restraint and mind my p’s and q’s.

In the meantime… I’m really excited about the sign.  I’m always looking for unique items to add to the atmosphere of Milagros.

Milagros will be in good hands while I’m gone… so drop on in and get a taste of the  “Best Mexican Food” in Utah.

See you when I get back.


P.S.  One of these days… I’ll have to share some adventuresome stories from my youth.  I’ve got a few doozies.

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