San Juan River Trip | Milagros Takes A Break

It was good to get away from Milagros and the fast pace of a Mexican restaurant and relax with my friends and our kids for a few days.  Sometimes you just need a break so you can come back refreshed… ready to dive in again.

When a river trip was suggested… my mind went back to my childhood.  I have always been drawn to rivers.  However, one of my earliest memories is my mother telling me, “There are alligators in the water, stay away.”  (I think she said that because there was a irrigation canal behind our home.)

I lay in bed at night worrying about alligators leaving the water and crawling to our house.  Also, I have always hated cold water… so the idea of rafting down a river in water that was 45 degrees did not sound fun.

However, I was reassured there would be no alligators and the water temperature would be warm.

We choose to float the San Juan river, which is located about 1 hr. south of Moab, Utah.  The river looks like chocolate milk because it is so full of sediment or sand.  The San Juan flows into Lake Powell.  An estimated 44 million tons of sediment flows into Lake Powell every year… mostly from warm “muddy” rivers like the San Juan.

Many River Runners believe the San Juan is the best river for small kids anywhere around.  And they were right.

The water temperature is about 80 degrees.  The average depths in July is about 3 feet and the bottom of the river is smooth white sand (with an occasional rocky mild rapid.)

Our Dad/Kid trip consisted 10 kids with the average age being about 7.  Most of the kids floated the river on a paddle board (standing).  We floated for 3 days about 35 miles.

It was so calm, Jackson Danger entertained us by playing and singing as we floated along.  He played a song called “River John” by Ray Bonneville.  We are going to mix the song with with a studio recording for a video now that we are back.

However… the trip wasn’t with out its challenges.  The hot sun made Lexi’s eye swell up like she had been bitten by a bee, but she was much better after sitting in an air-conditioned car for awhile.

I suffered a bit of sun stroke.  I put a one gallon jug of frozen water on my chest over my heart and was incoherent for about 4 hours.  Scary!

Over all… it was a blast…. warm water, gentle rapids and no people around.  Most of the kids believed our trip was “better than Disney Land.”  I agree!  We are going back!

Milagros means Miracles


P.S.  Here are more photos of our trip. The beauty of the river, the tall cliffs, blue sky and the companionship of great friends and family will be memories that will take me though the winter… until we get to go again.  Meanwhile, back to Milagros… and the Best Mexican Food around.


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