Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant Quesadilla Challenge

Just offer 12 year old young men an opportunity to have a Mexican Food eating contest and immediately all stomachs are on board. “And, you want us to do what?”

A little background information is necessary here.

I have the privilege of teaching the 12 year old young men at my church.  There are 15 of them.  My son Jackson Danger is part of the gang, which make my duties more enjoyable and rewarding.

I persistently challenge them to care and watch out for each other, not only at church, but at school and social events.  I also encourage them to prepare for missions.

LDS young men can go on a mission for the church at the age of 18-19.  For 2 years they teach the gospel worldwide at their own expense.

Part of their preparation is to read their scriptures frequently, preferably on a daily basis.  The group talks big about reading their scriptures every day, but like many goals, they slip by the wayside after a few days or weeks.

I told them if they would take their daily scripture seriously, we would have a “Quesadilla” party every six months.  To make this event a little more exciting, I bet, between them all, they could not eat 50 Quesadillas.

Now the party is rightfully called… the “Quesadilla Challenge.”  We hold the bash at Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant here in Orem, Utah.

As you can see in the photo above, the boys were quickly humbled at the first semi-annual “Quesadilla Challenge” reaching only 28 Quesadillas.

We recently finished our second challenge of the year and the group (Deacons) improved to a respectable number, emptying 40 pizza trays.

As you can see by the photos, they had a great time.

We’ll see if they can continue the scriptural reading plan and reach the 50 “Quesadilla Challenge” in another six months.  It’s an event they all look forward to and it helps bond the group together.

My teaching companion, John Collin, and I feel a great sense of responsibility to help guide these adventuresome, rowdy, punks at such a important time in their lives.  Thanks John, it’s a pleasure working with you.

Milagros means “Miracles.”

Dave Tuomisto

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