Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant Serve BYU Football Players

BYU Football players and coaches love Mexican Food.  Even though many of them frequent Milagros Mexican food restaurant in Orem, they loved to be served on their own turf.

This fall, during training, Jackson and I catered several meals to the BYU football players and coaches.

I’ve always been a huge fan of BYU, and it’s always a great experience for me to be in the mix on a more personal level than just being in an apron at Milagros or on the BYU “Chain Gang”. 

Boy, those big guys can pack it away.  The first time around, there wasn’t much left for the coaches… who were the last in line.  We learned quickly that it would be double fare for these guys.

At Bronco Mendenhall’s request, every Thursday… we pack it up and head on down to the BYU campus at lunch time… where super hungry football coaches wait to eat the best Mexican Food in Utah.  Their individual requests span a huge variety from our menu.  They order every thing from Burritos (We’ve named a special one for Bronco), to Barry’s Pollo Fundido, Beef and Chicken Chimichangas, Chicken Salad, Seafood Enchiladas… to a half rack of Baby Backs Hermosillo.


Sometimes, being a restaurateur can be a bit over-whelming and on occasion a little discouraging…(especially when they take over a year to get through road construction… and it cuts into business.)

However, when you get an email from the BYU coaches that says, “Everyone loved your meal today!  Great job!,” it confirms that I’m in the right business for me.  I have always had the dream of being in a restaurateur, and being from Arizona, Mexican Food was a natural fit.

Thanks guys… great doing business with you… off the field and on.

Milagros means Miracles

Dave Tuomisto

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