How Come The Tomatillo Salsa Is So Dang Good?

Working at Milagros and spending over a decade working with Dave, we have discovered The Ultimate Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. Everyday, customers will ask to “buy it in bottles.” Even more frequently  they ask “why is the Salsa so good today?”


Let me explain…

Mexican Food Orem Roasting TomatillosBasically, EVERYWHERE else, they use a canned, processed tomatillo (Mexican green tomato).

At Milagros we use FRESH tomatillos, remove the husk and roast in the oven for several hours. The tomatillos slowly “caramelize” creating an amber/honey colored juice which sweetens and flavors the salsa.

The larger the tomatillo, usually the sweeter and better the salsa will eventually taste. If the tomatillos were all big (larger than a golfball), the salsa would lack the bite or tart flavor which balances out the salsa.

Mother Nature throws this recipe a curve ball everyday. We use white clover honey to help balance out the salsa.

So, why is it so good? Why are there some days it is amazing? ….Mother Nature.

The Tomatillo Salsa is part of our “do it fresh policy” and makes us stand out as some of the best Mexican Food in Orem.

Disfrutar de salsa,



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