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Daily Herald Weighs In on Milagros Menu and Ambiance

Mexican Restaraunt Utah ReviewRestaurant Review by Cody Clark – Daily Hearld

“It’s fitting that the new Mexican restaurant up the hill from WinCo on 800 North in Orem has taken as its name the Spanish word for “miracles.” Successfully opening any restaurant not affiliated with a major chain practically requires a gift of providence or two, and Milagros owner Dave Tuomisto gives an engaging account of the highly unlikely series of events that led him to start up Milagros on the new restaurant’s website.

(Check the Our Towns section of Friday’s Daily Herald for an in-depth profile of Tuomisto’s adventures in restaurateur-ing.)

Milagros’s name is also fitting because its hearty Mexican cuisine is so delicious — it would almost certainly take a miracle to re-create the tender, savory steak in its entrees at home.”

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“The main event was the Mata Hambre, Milagros’s signature fajita plate, which comes with all three of the restaurant’s meats — steak, chicken and pork — as well as grilled vegetables, a grilled sweet onion ball and large servings of rice and beans. It was right about then that I began wishing for a stomach the size of a Coleman cooler, or possibly just an actual Coleman cooler, along with a much larger expense account.”

Thanks Cody!