Milagros Orange Cone Nightmares | Best Mexican Food UtahAt last…. the construction is over and 800 north is wide open.  Great Mexican food is waiting for you at Milagros in Orem.

It’s been a long year.  Road construction has been going on in one form or another for a long time.  It was frustrating to see… days on end… when there were no construction workers working on the road right next to Milagros.  My complaints fell upon deaf ears.  In the night, we would try moving those blasted orange cones around so folks could get into our place.

Sure enough… a couple of days later… they would be back… blocking easy access to Milagros and other businesses on our corner.  After while it became a game.


London School of Guitar Workshop and Jackson Danger

Yep… Jackson Danger is going to attend the London School of Guitar Workshop on Monday, August 6th, in Park City.  Sarah and I are pretty darn proud of that boy!

He has really worked hard the last couple of years developing his guitar skills.  When he was accepted to this workshop in May, we all jumped up and down and hooted.

The workshop schedule is pretty intense beginning right after the evening registration. An introduction party begins with great food, and performances from special guests.  Afterward, Jackson, Sarah and I will be able to meet the instructors and get a feel for what they will be teaching during the week.  After all the guests scoot back down to the valley, the students will have an open mic jam session.  Jackson is really pumped up about it.

He thinks it will be great to get a feel for what the other students already know and how advanced they are.  Many of the students are much older than he is. (I think he might be a bit nervous… but we know he’s ready and will do just great the entire week.)

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Freedom Festival Parade and Milagros

Milagros Mexican Food restaurant was closed on July 4th so we could participate in Provo, Utah’s annual independence day, Freedom Festival celebration.


The employees, friends and family of Milagros joined hands and marched in the traditional Freedom Festival Grand Parade…. manning a giant helium balloon.

For many years, my wife, the kids and I participated in the parade festivities by sitting in comfortable lawn chairs and on blankets at the curb, under large, cool shade trees.  Little did we know that someday we would sign up to participate in the long walk from the top of University Ave, east on Center street to finish at the 9th East intersection.

It’s quite a walk for a large group, especially with young kids… who were real troopers and hung in there till the end.  See their smiling faces!

Years and year ago… before I was born, (in the “dark ages” of my mom’s era,) the parade floats were sponsored and made by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The parade was simply called “The Fourth Of July Parade.”

Each Stake in the Provo area were assigned to provide two floats.  Those assignments were to various wards each year.  Together, ward members donated their time and talents to building and manning floats, which depicted the theme of the celebration.

Of course, included were the traditional “Queen’s” floats that carried the royalty from each city in the area.  (They still do that goofy wave.)  Bands from all of the local high schools participated also.  At that time, commercial floats were unheard of…. or at least not allowed.

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