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Mexican Food Markets In Michoacan Mexico

While looking for good Mexican food recipes, I found hidden jewels in the towns and villages of Michoacan, Mexico.  Not only did they have fine food, the market places were just loaded with wonderful things to buy.

Michoacan, Mexico is a state located in Western Mexico along a beautiful stretch of coastline on the Pacific Ocean.

It’s economy is based on fishing, forest products and crafts and markets. Towns and villages are marked with exciting markets that offer flowers, drinks and foodstuffs.

Unfortunately, many of these small towns and villages are not on the main tourism map so international tourists miss the very core of this romantic and exciting place.  Most visitors to the sites in Michoacan are from within the state.

The area I was in was the “Bajio” which means “Lowlands.”  It is the fertile valleys that produce all the delish ingredients that make up great Mexican food.

It’s summer time, and the memory of the excitement of the market places come to mind.

I would love to be roaming the streets, eating fresh fruit from family own stands.

And of course, I would be sampling fine Mexican food at family carts… needling recipes out of the owners, with my pencil and paper hidden in my pocket.


If you are ever wanting to get away to an amazing place, Michoacan will delight not only your eyes… but your taste buds.  They have some of the best Mexican food I have ever tasted…. and the people are wonderful.