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Miracles At Milagros

You can just imagine how surprised we were when customers, Katie and Dr. Kimball Crofts of Lindon, arrived at Milagros for Mexican food just after leaving the hospital with their new baby girl.  This is their first child and they are pretty excited about her. (Who wouldn’t be… she’s a doll.)

Seems like Katie’s pregnancy cravings continue even after delivery.  Apparently, Milagros is what the new mother wanted first thing out of the hospital.

Both Mom and Dad love our “Chicken Green Chili Stuffed Quesadillas,” (which seems to be a favorite with many of our loyal customers.)

At any rate… we were delighted to see them and their new little one.  What a treat it was for all of us here at Milagros.  You forget just how tiny new-borns are.  Sarah and I certainly do appreciate the “Miracle of Birth” and having a family.

If you remember…Milagros means “Miracles” and we certain have experienced them here.  Our twins are no less than a “Miracle.”

Congrats to Katie and Kimball… thanks for sharing your joy with us.  May her life continue to be a Miracle to your both and may she bring many miracles to those around her.


P.S.  By the way… Dr. Crofts is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon…. and his practice “Aesthetica,” is located in Lindon, Utah…. just in case you might be thinking about a nip and tuck or a bit of a lift here and there.  We understand that he is one of the best in Utah. (You ought to see his credentials.)

Hmmmm… just thinkin’.

Milagros Beginnings | One Tortilla At A Time

I was pretty young when I decided I wanted to become a “Mexican Food Restaurateur” ( proprietor of a restaurant).  However, it certainly wasn’t my first dream.

When I was a very young kid, I want to fly a big silver airplane for American Airlines.  Dad traveled often and Mom would pack us kids up in the wood-paneled station wagon and drive to the St. Louis Airport to pick him up.

Specifically, I loved the plane called the L-1011 made by Lockheed (pronounced L-10-11).  It was used by American Airlines only and was a much larger plane than was being flown by other airlines.

It was a bullet and a bulldozer all at the same time.  The gleaming chrome finish was adorned with a red, white and blue stripe.  Man, I thought those big planes were the coolest ever!  Actually, there where times I was more excited to see the giant chrome Lockheed L-1011 at the airport than I was my weary dad.

I was pretty insistent that I was going to be a pilot some day.  Realizing I was headed for major disappointment, when I was about 7 years old, my parents sat me down and explained Read More→