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Restaurateur Possibilities | One Tortilla At A Time

After my dream of being an airline pilot was dashed because of my poor heart health, I began looking for a new dream.  Several experiences opened up restaurateur possibilities.  My folks use to take us to Utah to visit family who lived there.  One of my favorite places to eat was a Pizza/Italian restaurant across from BYU’s track and field called “The Rusty Nail.”  They served a basket of bread sticks that were about the size of a cigar.

One day, there was a group of BYU students seated at a nearby table and they were having a contest… which one of them could stick a Rusty Nail bread stick the furthest up their nose.  For an 8-year old, it seemed really funny and cool.

However, I was the only one amused by the obnoxious student’s contest.  Before long, the Rusty Nail manager had the students leave.  I remember how much I enjoyed seeing how much fun the group of guys were having.  I thought…. “If I owned the restaurant, I wouldn’t have them leave.”

There was also another Italian/Pizza joint in Page, Arizona, named “Bella Napoli.”  We would go there when we went to Lake Powell.  They placed wicker wrapped wine bottle on each table to hold drip candles.  The bottles were covered with various colors of candle wax.  After awhile, they would become too large and top-heavy and had to be replaced with new bottles and candles.  To say the least… I was impressed.

When ever we made a trip to Lake Powell, I knew the owner had saved a big drip candle for me to take home.

These two experiences opened up new stirring and creative possibilities of being a restaurateur.  Soon, owning a restaurant began to fill my dreams.

To be continued….


P.S.  It’s strange how simple, common everyday experiences can become so profound in a young child’s life.  Dreams are built on such experiences.  You just never know!