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Family Spring Break in Moab

Sarah, the kids and I, took a little break from Milagros in Orem to enjoy Spring break together in southeastern Utah.  We loaded up the bikes and headed for Moab, where there are great bike trails.

On the corner of Center Street and Main, in the heart of of downtown Moab, there is a landmark eating establishment called “The Slickrock Cafe.”  It’s certainly not Milagros Mexican Food, but they serve a pretty good fare.  (I’m a bit partial ya know.)

At the Slickrock, the entertainment is nearly as important as their food.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, they delight their customers with live music.

Jackson Danger was invited to entertain the Slickrock customers with two musical sets by some of Jackson’s favorite artists.  Boy, did he “Wow” the crowd.  The sidewalk was packed and the cooks came out of the kitchen to see who was playing.

It was a great experience for Jackson to sing some where other than Milagros, which he does most Friday and Saturday nights.

Marley Crash and Lexi were not to be out done.  Here they are on their Vintage Schwinn Sting Ray Choppers getting ready to roll it on the famous Horse Thief Trail.  Not exactly the type of bikes you usually see on the steep mountain trails at Moab.

The Horse Thief Trail, leading down to the Colorado River, has a vertical drop of almost 4,000 feet.  Not exactly a trail for the faint hearted.  Crash and Lexi are tough little critters and willing to take on any challenge.  They were awesome!  I know brave when I see it!

They had a great time and it was quite different from skiing the slopes at Sundance, which they have been doing all winter.

I  had a great time too… except for the hours I spent sacked out at the Motel because I got “The Bug” for a few days.  Sarah and the kids got the best end of the stick this trip.


P.S.  We’re all back home again and we’ll see you at Milagros.  Come in and see us and hear Jackson Danger’s new songs. 

Lunch With Milagros, Steven R. Covey and Governor Herbert

We are serving up lunch at the UCCU Center at UVU from 11 am to 5 pm. For the $5.00 admission at the door you can have lunch with Milagros and the keynote speakers, Steven R. Covey and Governor Gary Herbert.

What a deal!

See what is on the menu for Lunch

“Wednesday, February 29th

NOON = Stephen M.R. Covey, international business speaker and bestselling author of “Smart Trust”

Grab a complimentary lunch, and head to the keynote area (east of the main floor) to enjoy our lunchtime keynote featuring Stephen M. R. Covey. Mr. Covey is a sought-after and compelling speaker and advisor on trust, leadership, ethics and high performance. Steve Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes says “Covey brilliantly focuses on that overlooked bedrock of democratic capitalism – trust. (And) when we take this for granted, we do so at our ultimate competitive peril.” The Speed of Trust is red-hot relevant.

Thursday, March 1st

NOON = Utah Governor Gary Herbert
NOON = Utah’s Top Economists and Entrepreneurs

Meet Governor Gary Herbert and learn about the state of Utah business – and plans to move forward from here. Raised in Utah County, the Governor will speak about creating a pro-business environment in our area to help Utah County businesses succeed. The Governor and his policies are a large reason business in Utah continues to be a national leader in job growth and prosperity.

The Governor will speak for approximately 20 minutes and give way to Utah’s Top Economists and Entrepreneurs. Jeanette Bennett of BusinessQ magazine will moderate a panel of experts including economists Jeff Thredgold and Natalie Gochnour. Businessmen David Bradford and Nick Greer are also scheduled to participate as two of Utah’s top producers through the slow economy. They’ll share insights on recession-proofing and succeeding with your business.” Utah Business Expo

See you there!



Milagro’s Is Serving Lunch At Big Business and Technology Expo

Utah ExpoIt is an honor to be ask to be one of the local restaurants to furnish lunch for the attendees of ” The Big Business Expo” The Expo is Utah County’s premiere business event and traditionally draws between 6-8,000 attendees.

As the even get closer and closer the more excited I am be a part of the UV Business Expo this year. It’s a great place for our area’s entrepreneurial talent to come together and build relationships. Our “Vacation to Mexico” lunch is included in the ticket purchase. What a deal!

Milagros Mexican restaurant opened in the fall of 2010 and has quickly grown to be considered one of the best restaurants in Utah Valley. Featured in the recent Utah Valley Magazine, voting diners placed Milagros in four top categories as a one of their favorite places to eat. The attendees of the UV Business event will soon have the opportunity to see what many Utah Valley diners are raving about.

We want the people at the Expo to join us for lunch and take a little well deserved vacation to Mexico, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

What’s for lunch?

Milagros will be serving their signature Chicken Green Chili Mango Salad, voted as Utah Valley’s best salad.

This is no ordinary salad. It includes fresh chicken breast, sweet caramelized green chile and onions, fresh mango salsa, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar cheese, red leaf lettuce and crispy tortilla strips. It’s a medley of flavors and textures.

Beside the salad, will be Milagros slow oven roasted pork, which melts in your mouth, along with Milagros Spanish Rice and Barracho Beans.  A salsa bar with fresh made chips, and Milagros famous roasted Tomatillo Salsa will complete the meal.

We are anxious to share Milagros’ fresh, authentic Mexican Food experience with the attendees of this exciting event. You will defiantly need two hands to hold this plate up with quality unique Mexican flavors, usually not found north of the border.

When – Where -How

Mark your calendar for the “Big Business and Technology Expo” on February 29 & March 1, 2012. The event will be held at the UVU’s UCCU Center in Orem.  Admission tickets are only $5.00 and it’s open to the public.

You can get tickets at the door or from the businesses sponsoring this big event. Find our more about the Big Business and Technology Expo.

Plan to eat with us! You will be glad you did.


Traffic in Utah County and I-15 Got You Down?

We’re all tired of road construction. You can’t drive a block in Utah without running into a detour sign or an orange cone.

Road construction in Utah County and Interstate 15 is as bad as anyone can remember it, with every bridge from Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, to Highway 6 in Spanish Fork in various stages of being torn down or replaced.

It’s downright insane trying to get around on any artery of I15 or the freeway itself.

So, to the residents of Provo, Orem, Lindon Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Lehi, Highland, Alpine, Springville, Spanish Fork and every other Utah county, city, town, burg or census-designated place we say: “We feel your pain.”

Milagros is accosted daily by a deluge of unnaturally bright orange cones. So, we get it.

Come on in and take refuge from the madness with our killer Mexican dishes and awesome tomatillo salsa and chips.

And to lighten the mood, we offer this:

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Milagros Orange Cone Nightmares | Best Mexican Food Utah